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Recon on NFCU lease refi?

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Recon on NFCU lease refi?

Just wondering if anyone has had success with this.  I cannot believe they gave me 18% on a lease refi.  I have 3 years perfect payments @ 900 a month with Lexus Financial with no other lates anywhere.  Maybe because my DTI is high and I have a crap ton of student loans?  Can I recon this?  


Also, can I add tax, title, and tags to the loan?  I am still not sure if I need to get new plates and/or pay sales tax or if that was already included in the lease payments.  I am in PA.



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Re: Recon on NFCU lease refi?

Maybe speak to someone on the phone.  I have read that NFCU is pretty flexible.

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