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Refi after chap 7

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Refi after chap 7

We had a chap 7 discharged the end of dec 2018

We let our car go and got a brand new one we will run to the ground. It is at a 12.1% interest with capital 1

We have paid our CCs and auto loan on time every month and just applied at NFCU to try to lower the interest rate

They came back at 8.29% for 72 months
6.29 at 60 months

We really want to try to get the interest as low as possible and leave much of our credit alone to build for a mortgage.

Currently my hubbys score sits at about 685 and mine is about 703.

Is there anywhere else that accepts people fresh out of chap 7 that is worth applying at to see if we can get better rates?
Car is a 2018 with just over 10k miles on it now. (If that matters)
Chap 7 discharged 12/2018
Car loan 12/2018 Refinanced 2/19
Capital one QS 2250
10/2019 Capital on platinum 3k
NFCU Nrewards 6k 2/2019

CURRENT FICO9 Equifax 725

Hubby is on same car loan and Chap 7
Capital 1 platinum 2250 1/2019
NFCU Nrewards 6k
9/2019 Discover it 2100

I pay all cards in full every month other than 1
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Re: Refi after chap 7

DCU requires 2 years post discharge.

I think you have a decent offer at 6.29% for 60 months.


You can alway refinance again.

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