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Refinanced with DCU! Quick & Easy

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Refinanced with DCU! Quick & Easy

Yesterday I applied for a second chance auto loan (refinance) with DCU and was instantly approved over the telephone. The interest rate was great at 1.99%. I provided them with all of the necessary documentation required to process the loan online and was informed today that they mailed the check to GM Financial. Talk about fast and efficient service...I am so impressed.  I wasn't a member of DCU so I had to join in order to finalize the loan so I applied online and my membership was also approved instantly.  I am so happy!!! I have significantly reduced by car note from $465 per month to $287 per month. I had an outrageously high interest rate with GM Financial (15.99%) because my credit was terrible when I got the car. I am so thankful I found this site last year and stayed focus on improving my credit score and finances. I went for low-500 in June of 2015 to mid-700 today.  It feels sooooo good to apply and get approved at a good rate...and I just purchased my first home 2 weeks! September has been a good month for me.  Thank you to everyone here who have shared their knowledge and experiences on this site. I am off to garden for the next 12 months :-)



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Re: Refinanced with DCU! Quick & Easy

Congratulations on allof your hard work and great success!

Goal: 700's by 11/1/2015 (all baddies will be gone)
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