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Roads loans has pre-approved me

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Roads loans has pre-approved me

Hi all,
So, I get this e-mail from roadloans saying that my application has been pre-approved for the maximum of 11,000.  Well the car that I am interested in is about 14000 otd, and I have also applied for cap one.  The crazy thing is, I was kind of erie about applying because I was denied two times by RLs.  I know there is a GOD and he works in mysterious ways. 
Roadloans said my app was pre approved for 11,000, what  does this mean, that I am approved for only 11,000 or could I be approved for more?  Some one who knows about his type of thing please help out.

Starting Score: 510
Current Score: 621
Goal Score: 720

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Re: Roads loans has pre-approved me

Hi.. in my Roadloans experience.. I am now on loan #2 with them (just bought a
car on Monday)... they will not give you more.  But, go ahead and ask, it can't
hurt.. you never know.  On both of my pre-approvals.. I asked for more and they
said no.  Good luck to you.. I hope you have success.      
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