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SDFCU auto refinance

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SDFCU auto refinance

I decided to pull ther trigger with SDFCU and apply for auto refinancing since I no longer want to be stuck at 10.1% interest rate with Carmax. I applied last week and was approved for 72 months at 6.4% and the loan is for $18,500. I log into my xifnity email account today and I have this message waiting for me >>>>  

"Thank you for applying for vehicle loan with SDFCU.  We noticed that you have been a member since 2020 but you have not taken advantage of the SDFCU Premium Cash Back credit. Also, its seems to be you have multiple revolving credit / credit card showing on credit report that have interest rates ranging from 18% - 28%.  SDFCU Premium Cash Back card has the lowest rate in the market where you can also earn 2% cash on every purchases card with NO Annual fee, NO foreign transaction fee and NO Balance transfer fee..  The good thing is we DO NOT need to pull your credit if you want to take advantage of this benefit exclusive to SDFCU member.  Please let us know if you want to proceed and we will send the application to the loan officer for review and approval. 

Thank you"   <<<<< I sent an email back just to clarify that there is no hard pull ( I locked my reports just in case ) and I was told that is correct so, I told them I was interested and about 30 minutes later I got an approval message for a $10,000 starting limit . So, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone and that made the start of my holiday weekend a good 1.  !!!!



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Re: SDFCU auto refinance

Congrats on your SDFCU auto refinance approval and your SDFCU Premium Cash Back card approval.

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Re: SDFCU auto refinance

Thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: SDFCU auto refinance

Nice! Congrats on the double score!

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