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Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

I just made my 9th payment to Santander. Due to bad credit, they were the only Bank that would approve me. I have had no issues and dont plan on it! When i originally set up my online account the rep told me the only way to make a payment on my loan WITHOUT A FEE of at least $11.99 was to send a check, autopay, or bill pay thru my bank. I dont like writing checks unless i know i have the funds avail so my payments would be late every month due to my pay period on my job,! LoL i was skeptical about bill pay because of the delay it poses sometimes when posting payments where you request them to go. Long story short bill pay works great athru my bank and payment post the same day i specify. I plan on refi the later part of this year or some time next year due to APR and now my credit is a lot better and getring stronger. But great experience so far!

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

I'm sure I've posted this somewhere before, but I too, had a positive experience with Santander.


Wifey and I purchased a vehicle at a dealer ship in April of 2011.  Cap One auto financed at 16 percent.  In August of 2011, we refinanced with Santander at 12 percent.


In August of 2012, I refinanced with a local CU for 6.7 percent.


We had absolutely no troubles with Santander...

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

I will say, I too have been with Santander now since 10/11 and no issues with them.  They approved me when no one else would and my credit at that time read like WARNING WARNING DON'T TRUST HER WITH 5CENTS!  I was in the low 4's when they approved me at 19%. I did not nor have I had the opportunity to refi as I am too upside down in my loan.Smiley Sad


I did just get approved thru Chase for my husbands car and we picked it up Saturday.Smiley Happy  Santander came back a quick approval at 20% Interest,  trade in my car to get my husbands.. I clearly gave the screen the middle finger. They called me to follow up Friday; told them politely thank you but no thank you, Chase took my loan at wayy lower than 20%. It kills me the amount of interest I have given them but now 16 payments into them I am kinda stuck with them a bit longer.

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

I have Santander right now.  Can't say I've had any issues.  Most of the people have been very pleasant.

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

Glad to see folks having a good experience. I actually work for this company in the IT Dept. Not a bad company to work for, but it could be better. I work in one of the call centers, and you should here hear some of the calls. Whooooo boy. Interesting numbers, but we originated something like $22 B in loans. We also are, and and we just inked a deal to do all of Chrysler Financial as well. From what I understand, we are THE company doing sub prime car loans right now.


Just weird seeng my company on this website.

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Re: Santander Consumer USA (Auto Loan) Good experience

 Just pay on time and you'll be fine !


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