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Should I keep GAP insurance?

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Should I keep GAP insurance?

So I purchased GAP insurance for my vehicle but not really sure if I need it now. I have less than a month to contact the dealership to recieve full refund credit to my account balance. GAP insurance was $750. My current account balance is around 11k on a 2011 Hyundai Accent. Keep it or cancel it?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

Gap insurance is designed so if your car gets stolen or its a write off from a accident & the insurance company doesn't pay u enough to cover the loan.
So question is : do u owe more than the car is worth? If u don't & it's significant then I would not keep the gap insurance.
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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

I'd keep it. Why are you wanting to cancel the policy? My local dealer told me they don't issue money to customers on policy refunds (GAP & Maintence Plans). It just comes off your total loan balance so while your payments stay the same it just shortens your term. No idea how your dealer runs things.


I put $1500 down on my '13 sonata..$500 from competitor coupon and $1000 for financing thru HMFC and took the GAP.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

I would keep it.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

Keep it. 

DH didnt have it on his first two cars in 2006 & 2007.  The first one was totaled after 6 months - broken axel, but otherwise fine. We are STILL paying the loan off because he had no GAP so no coverage for the loan. The second one in 2007, he still didnt get GAP and it was totaled a few months later. Still paying for this loan too -becaue he didnt have GAP. All cars since have had GAP!!! Totaled another one in 2011 (not his fault this time), and GAP covered the loan.

Its not a waste of money - keep it.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

Is there a difference between GAP coverage purchased at a dealer vs. GAP coverage purchased through your regular car insurance company?  I have GAP coverage for my new Kia Soul through Esurance and it's about $3/month. 

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

The GAP policy I had through insurance (Progressive) was limited to a certain percentage of the vehicle value. Although this would probably cover the shortfall if the vehicle was not totally underwater it may not cover the full loan in all cases. The GAP purchased with the loan will generally cover the remainder of the loan (with a small deductible in some policies) and is not dependent on vehicle value.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

Wholesale value on your car is around 8k-9k so i would say keep it, but compare the price of it through your insurance company to the price you would get back.  Chances are its cheaper through your car insurance because you can pay monthly on it and then cancel once you have reached a point when you have equity in the car.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

If your gonna get GAP insurance just get it from the Dealer. The GAP that insurance companies offer are horrible in comparison.

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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?

GAP is just another way for auto dealers to make money.  If the consumer does the right thing, and puts a good down payment on a car, GAP is not needed at all.  Your automotive retailer will pay RETAIL value of the vehicle if it's stolen/totaled.  


People who put no money down, also cost themselves thousands more in charges, and should have GAP insurance also.  Put the most money down you can, get the lowest interest rate possible, and the shortest term you can afford.  You wont need GAP.  Also, be responsible on the road.  There's no such thing as an accident.  It's negligence.



Having 3 cars totaled in 6 years..... I'm sorry, but you two have issues.  Either start putting yourselves in better driving situations, or start leaving as much room as you can between others.  There's NO excuse for having to make THREE totaled claims on your insurance in 6 years.  No wonder why we all pay so much for insurance.

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