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Some Auto Loan Advice

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Re: Some Auto Loan Advice

Here is the deal...  You are focusing your efforts on the wrong area...   You need to get your score GOING UP AGAIN...  So you need NEW CREDIT and GOOD PAYMENT HISTORY FOR at least 9mth 24mths..  This is where you need to work at...  You need 3 good tradelines (Accounts)...  Settle and negioate all collections,  use PFD letter if you have to...  Most importantly, keep 6mths cash reserve in the bank and never touch it...  Build strong reference with a bank or credit union ONLY ONE, The problem is you are not show stabilty to a lender...  Lender look at a 24mth period...  2yrs rental or mortgage history, 2yrs on the job,  and 2yrs credit history....  Get serious about fixing your credit, and in 1yr your Credit Scores will jump.... Trust me!

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Re: Some Auto Loan Advice

I was denied by everybody. In a last ditch effort I went to my local credit union with whom I didn't have an account with. I was sure I'd be denied again due to short history and an old public record......a day after I submitted I got what I thought would be the dreaded call of not approved......WRONG! approved for 15000 with 5.9 for 36 month.
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