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Sperry FCU?

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Sperry FCU?

Anybody have any experience with Sperry FCU as a credit union or with their auto loans? 


I spoke with a rep over the phone just to pick her brain on their Auto loan qualifications

Top tier is 740+ I want to say the rep said it was 780+ but the website does say 740 in the smallprint 

They pull Experian

I asked if they were conservative lenders. She said she didn't think so. Side note: when I asked Penfed the same they told me they were a 5 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most conservative. Needless to say, I laughed. Consumers CU told me they were an 8.


They will lend to a maximum of 50% DTI including the auto loan. (Not sure how true this is, most likely on a case by case basis)

Pre-approvals good for up to 60 days on a case by case basis, generally 30 days.


I have a preapproval with Penfed but I may take the plunge with Sperry for the lower rate, just can't seem to find any reviews on their auto loans.


Pretty good rates; the lowest rate listed is for the direct deposit. Never heard of them prior to doing research.


New Vehicle Loanup to $150,00024 Months1.75%2.00%
 up to $150,00036 Months2.40%2.65%
 up to $150,00048 Months2.50%2.75%
 up to $150,00060 Months2.50%2.75%
 up to $150,00072 Months2.80%3.05%
 up to $150,00084 Months2.25%2.50%
Used Vehicle Loanup to $150,00024 Months2.25%2.50%
 up to $150,00036 Months2.60%2.85%
 up to $150,00048 Months2.70%2.95%
 up to $150,00060 Months2.85%3.10%
 up to $150,00072 Months3.00%3.25%
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Re: Sperry FCU?

what kind of review do you need? you are complicating an easy's the rate, here's your payment, heres how many payments you have to make.  pay your bill each month on time and you never hear from them...whats the issue? i never get on here why people worry about their lender...just pay the bill on time and there's nothing to talk's a lender, not your girlfriend/boyfriend!

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