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Stay away from CARLOANS.COM

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Stay away from CARLOANS.COM

Watch out folks... "" is nothing more than a "sales lead tool" for auto dealers, but you aren't told this before OR after you complete the application. Their wording on the website is very vague and misleading.

CARLOANS.COM will ship your personal and financial information off to a handful of car dealers who will ALL likely run your credit, creating a long list of useless inquiries. And as we all know, when a car dealer spots a borderline subprime customer, they ALWAYS inflate the price of the car.

I tried to cancel my application but when I finally reached their customer call center by phone, yep you guessed it... it's nothing more than a room full of $4 per day workers in the Phillipines who "can't seem to locate the customer information"...

These people are bottom-feeders and I better not get ONE call from a sleazy car dealer saying they've got my credit information. Not ONE. Do yourselves a favor... stay away from CARLOANS.COM
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Re: Stay away from CARLOANS.COM

I totally agree.  I applied for a loan with this company.  I get several e-mails fro this company stating we have been trying to reach.  Danny Ochoa is my loan rep and he has never called me one time. He always says he will call me in 15 minutes and then he doesn't. This company states they only have 15 dealerships and he couldn't find me a Ford Ranger at any of them.  They have pulled by credit report causing my to have inquires verbally told me I was approved but as you tell they didn't put me in a car.  Thumbs down for this lender!
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Re: Stay away from CARLOANS.COM

moving to auto loans forum
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Re: Stay away from CARLOANS.COM did something similar to me. "Christina" left me a voicemail around 8:30 pm, using the name of a local Toyota dealership. I called back--of course, they were closed.

So I waited 'til I got home from work the next day to call. Before I had the chance, she called back and said things like "because I have tried multiple times to reach you by phone and mail" and "your apparent lack of interest," she was rejecting my application.

Well, let's do some math: I suppose two calls could be a multiple (2 times 1, LOL), but how would I have gotten anything in the mail from who-knows-where in only one day?

In the meantime, I got one somewhat legit-looking from Toyota, and a few that don't look much better than your average spam. So how many dozens of hard pulls did I just take? Argh!
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