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Subaru: Fico Model Used When Leasing/buying Car

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Subaru: Fico Model Used When Leasing/buying Car

Hopefully not too silly of a question to ask. I have not ever purchased a car or leased one from a dealer. With that being said, I have little to no knowledge or experience when it comes to this sort of thing. I plan on leasing a Subaru and dont care for anything in specific, kind of going with an open mind and willing to leave the dealership with what ever captivates.


In the experience of the masses whom have purchased a Subaru from a Subaru dealership; do they use Fico Model Score 8 or 9 or do they bases it on one bureau or the standar model 8 with a middle number? Or do they all do it differently? Sorry for the silly question I would just like to really know.


I would really love any feed back you fine people have on this forum have, I would be at a huge advantage knowing the answer to the question.


Thank you all! 

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Re: Subaru: Fico Model Used When Leasing/buying Car

According to the scores they gave us and financed through Subaru/Chase it was TU AUTO FICO 8 in Feb 2020.

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Re: Subaru: Fico Model Used When Leasing/buying Car

If you are leasing, remember to not put any money down on reducing your CCR.


Only money you should give is for the TTL, first month + tax.


Make sure you know what credit tier you are in before the dealer gives you their MF (money factor) as they can pad that rate...

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Re: Subaru: Fico Model Used When Leasing/buying Car

i had experian fico auto 9 and transunion fico auto 4 pulled by chase/subaru this month in NV. they did not run anything from equifax, but there is a spot on the sheet for it. 


i'm not sure about subaru /chase , but i know some brands pull different bureaus/scores depending on region, so YMMV. also i bought not leased, which may change things. i was told that for promotional financing 700 was the threshold.

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