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Tips on obtaining quotes online

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Tips on obtaining quotes online

I read the guide for first time buyers and attempted to do as suggested which was obtain quotes online. None of the four I've contacted have responded when I insisted on email. Any suggestions?
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Re: Tips on obtaining quotes online

You need to identify the Internet sales Manager at the Dealership and communicate with him stating you would prefer to get their best firm quote for the specific vehicle. This is how I did it a few years back.

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Re: Tips on obtaining quotes online

You need to tell your story when getting quotes. The dealerships get tons of generic quote requests. Also sign up on the manufacturer website about a vehicle. I jest ended up with an additional $1,000 conquest cash for my address because of doing this exact thing. As I played a few dealers against each other one of them finally told me about the credit and did end up giving me the best deal.


In your quote add in a few things in the comment section.


I am interested in this model.

My financing is pre-approved but I may finace with you if you can beat my rate.

I would like your best price without rebates. I will be taking the rebates I qualify for and subtract them from your price.


If you have a trade go to CarMax and get a free buy offer to see what the vehicle is really worth.


When you do get a quote go to a dealer a bit away from you and be prepared to spend some time.


You have to go see the next dealership to see if you can get a better price.


Good luck....

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Re: Tips on obtaining quotes online

Thank you for your suggestions!


I will save them and keep them in mind should I have the misfortune to require their knowledge again. Smiley Happy

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