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Toyota hard pull me 2 times

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Toyota hard pull me 2 times

I just checkd my credit report, and it appeared that Toyota had pull my credit report twice.


I leased a Toyota last November, and the credit report showed total of 2 hard inquires on the same day. One is from the dealership, and the second one is from Toyota Motor Credit.


Does anyone have similar situation? Is it possible that I could dispute one of them?

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Re: Toyota hard pull me 2 times

As a general rule, HPs don't get removed unless there was fraud involved. (Yes, *, YMMV.)

Fear not, these HPs are usually dedupped(for scoring purposes) if they happen within 30 days of each other and are coded properly.

Also, grab 10 random people and ask them what a "hard pull" is, and you'll likely get a bunch of blank looks. If anyone does know what it is, ask them for their myfico username, because they're either on here or work in finance.

It'll be ok. Enjoy the vehicle.

Edit: I took 7, I think, last year when we bought a vehicle. When they fell off this year, I couldn't tell... I got like 3 points.
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Re: Toyota hard pull me 2 times

The reason you have two hard pull's is because generally a dealership will pull your credit to review before they submit you to lender's.

Dealership's first pull your credit themselves so the F&I manager can review your credit bureau to make sure they send you to the bank's they think will give you the best term's. Without doing so, they are blindly submitting you in hopes that you'll get approved without seeing the full picture. There is nothing to dispute, because you signed a credit application authorizing them to do so.

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Re: Toyota hard pull me 2 times

They did that to me too, however it still counts as one. Plus it is much better then other dealers they run it like 100 times.

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