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Toyota motor credit repo questions

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Toyota motor credit repo questions

Hi forums! Nice to finally join the forums. I may not have a whole lot to contribute but I am kindly asking for some advice or feedback on my current situation.

Currently in a lease with Lexus finance (Toyota motor credit) and my payment is sky high, updwards of $650 per month. Due to some changes in my life I feel that I could save and pay off some older debt with a car payment thats even $200 cheaper then this. Since I'm in a lease it's an even harder situation. I've attempted the whole swap a lease thing and since my payment is a lot more then what others are paying. I've asked the dealer to possible trade the card and finance something cheaper but just not possible as I have a few years less. Technically I could make the payments for a few more years but I wouldn't be able to save monthly.

I'm also in the process of paying off 15k in current credit cards and collections- saving a few hundred a month could really speed this process up.

I'm really interested in financing something like a $15k car as I don't have much in savings. I did a small calculation and even with super high interest I would have a payment in the $400s. That's $200 a month in my pocket already! But is $200 worth even worse credit then I have now?

Currently have one repo that happened in January or at least I think it's a repo as it was charged off and between being charged off and physically taken from me the car was totaled so I don't know what to call it.

Would a second repo even matter right now? Do you think a hard lender would finance me?

Need some good solid advice.
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