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Used Car Loan Recommendations

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Used Car Loan Recommendations

Which banks/credit unions are recommended for used car loans? I’m located in the Los Angeles area. Thanks!
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Re: Used Car Loan Recommendations

DCU but other credit unions might have better rates.  I just refinanced my car with an East Coast Credit Union near my house 3.75% for 72 months.

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Re: Used Car Loan Recommendations

BofA, especially if you have a checking account or credit card with them already.



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Re: Used Car Loan Recommendations

I highly recommend Gain FCU in Burbank. I refinanced with them last year and they have a very liberal policy on what constitutes auto pay;(which they offer an additional discount for), I just transfer money from another account and pay through the website and I qualify for their auto pay discount. I was able to join and do the refi all in one day. My original loan was 72 months at 3.61 through Ally that was 17 months old. I refinanced with Gain for 1.89 at 36 months although I was about a year ahead of payments on my Ally account. They did ask for POI at the time I applied for the refinance.

They treat used cars under 5 years old and under 125k miles the same as a new car. Their rates have gone up since I refinanced but can be as low as:
2.49 up to 36 months
2.74 up to 48 months
2.99 up to 60 months
3.49 up to 72 months
3.99 up to 84 months

For 2011 to 2014 model year used cars with less than 180k miles the rates are as low as:
3.49 up to 24 months
3.89 up to 36 months
4.25 up to 60 months

Anyone can join with a donation to a local charity. They used to be Burbank City Employees Federal Credit Union but changed their name shortly before I joined last May to try and draw more people in.

They send me personal loan checks every 6 months stating that I’m preapproved and just to sign the check and deposit it and I’d enter into a personal loan at 5.99%. I’ve never done it but it is another benefit that they offer. I didn’t take them up on any credit cards but I was preapproved at the time of my application. I can’t remember which bureau they pulled or what score they used but I’m assuming it’s Experian as I don’t see any hard pulls on my Equifax or Transunion from them. My score was probably between 790-810 at the time I applied.

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