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VW Approval and yo-yo financing?

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VW Approval and yo-yo financing?

Hi Everyone

I needed a second car so I applied at a few different places: VW Credit, GM Financial and Kia Finance

I was approved for VW Credit instantly online - went into the dealership this past Sunday and got my auto for 6.4% @ 72 months (otherwise, would of been 4.9% @ 60 months and got my account number that Tuesday. 

GM Financial approval by email a few days later. 


Friday, I decided to trade in my DCU Financed 2016 Jeep Cherokee (I was upside down) - went into a Kia Dealership and took out a 2019 Kia Forte. The dealership pulled my credit, I was at 700+ for each report. Interest on sales contract is at 4.45% for purchase sale and negaitve equity - but on the sales contract there is no Financing company name... says dealer. So I am not sure if I was approved with Kia Finance (I applied online, but haven't received word). I hate yo-yo financing - happened to me with my first car. 

Your thoughts? 

DCU Auto $32,000 @ 3.99% | VW Credit $26,000 @ 6.4% | Kia Finance $33,000 @ 7%
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