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Volvo Financing Question - New England


Volvo Financing Question - New England

Looking for help. 


My credit went downhill cause I maxed everything out and then was late etc (sob story) to help my dad's business stay alive. 


Looking to take advantage of the end of year deals, costco and medical professional discount for a Volvo 2020/2021 XC90. 

Experian FICO 8 - 660

Experian FICO Auto 8 - 656 

Credit Utilization 3% 

Clean History for 12+ months 

Income 200k+ 



Any help would be appreciated. The harrassment by phone, text and email will be a bit too much. Phoning a friend. LOL. 

Any thoughts or ideas on interest? What is the cut off score for 0% APR? Will compare both options and amortization to see what will cost more through the term of the loan. 


I can go through my credit union for financing, but because of COVID-19 its a PITA to take time off of work - also 1 hour from where I live. 



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Re: Volvo Financing Question - New England

If your miles aren't insane I would look at a lease. Volvo's tend to lease pretty well if you are throwing MSD's at it. Volvo's also depreciate like crazy haha. GL
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