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Volvo Tier 1 - Do I qualify?

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Volvo Tier 1 - Do I qualify?

Looking to lease an XC60.


Experian Fico8 is 735.

Experian FicoAuto2 is 764

Experian FicoAuto8 is 759


Credit utilization is at 37%.

DTI is 13%


Thanks for any info.

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Re: Volvo Tier 1 - Do I qualify?

Based in the information you posted you'd most likely qualify. That being said it will depend on a lot of factors that we don't know. Auto history, payment history, etc.

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Re: Volvo Tier 1 - Do I qualify?

Thanks for the reply.


Have 6 years of continuous on time lease payments. 3 years on a Hyundai with Hyundai financial and 3 with Ally for a Jeep Cherokee.


Salary is $ 62k

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Re: Volvo Tier 1 - Do I qualify?

I would say yes although don't know volvo financing those are pretty solid scores.

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