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What FICO does Ford Motor Credit use ?

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What FICO does Ford Motor Credit use ?

I ordered a new Mustang (for the wife) last Monday then I see we have new FICO enhanced scores and I am curious what they (FMC) are using now since the car will not be in for a couple months.


Second question is the wife (only here 7 months) is working as a waitress (about 1500 a month, verifiable) but has no credit history in the US.  I would like to add her to  the loan so she can start getting some credit built up but I am not sure how that works.


I dont need her for the loan just wanted to add her since she claims (LOL) she will make the car payment.


Thanks !

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Re: What FICO does Ford Motor Credit use ?

probably a fico auto

i think ford will let you add her, they are pretty relaxed with credit on the new cars.

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Re: What FICO does Ford Motor Credit use ?

Bought my car in Dec. of 2012.  I took the Ford financing incentive of 1K. They pulled EQ, two hard pulls. One from the dealer, one from Ford. Also a soft pull on EX. The score he pulled was almost identical to what I had pulled from EQ on this site a few days before, so I'm fairly sure it wasn't auto enhanced because I have had multiple car loans over ten years on my reports.  They have a perfect history, so I can be fairly sure my auto enhanced scores would have been significantly higher.  The dealer was in East Texas.

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