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What does USAA pull in NC?

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What does USAA pull in NC?

Good people,
Does anyone know which CRA USAA pulls in North Carolina for auto loans? I'm asking because I have such a wide disparity of scores across the three bureaus: EX 704, TU 764 and EX 797 (FAKOs). Can't figure out for the life of my why EX hates me -- I have <$10 in revolving debt, a long credit history (>16 years), a car loan that is nearly paid off, two mortgages, a HELOC I've never touched and no lates/derogs/baddies ever.
Hmmm... did I just jack my own thread?  Smiley Tongue
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Re: What does USAA pull in NC?

USAA pulls EQ for me in NY.  Talking with them on Wednesday, I got the impression that they pretty much exclusively pull EQ.
Why not just call them and ask?  USAA has some of the most well informed CSRs I've ever talked with (sure, there may be exceptions, maybe I've just had really good luck)
Ficos 2/17/08: TU 551 EQ 534 EX 587
Ficos 2/12/09 TU 695 EQ 715 EX 715
Fico...4/15/10....drumroll.....EQ 743
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