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When To Refinance!?!?!

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Re: When To Refinance!?!?!

Go and refinance the car today. You got absolutely ripped off. You should qualify for one of the better rates available. I guarantee you could walk into a dealer today and get a car with a good rate. Op nobody is ever in need of a car so bad that they sign off on a contract that can absolutely wreck them financially. Refinance asap as the longer you wait the more underwater you will be, and then it will become near impossible to refinance.
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Re: When To Refinance!?!?!

I got a 2014 jeep grand cheroke limited, they tried bank of america, capital one, pretty much all the big ones mentioned and this was the best rate. I am a member of NFCU (just joined a couple weeks ago) have there saving and cash rewards card ($500 limit) Id like to refiance with them but not sure what rate i would get.

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Re: When To Refinance!?!?!

Wait a minimum of 6 months and work on everything else in the meantime if you can wait one year that will reflect best on you I had a 19% apr and refinanced in one year to 3.49% it sucks for the year BUT it does reflect better on you and doesn't drop your credit points as bad when you do refinance especially if you refinance to a different bank/lender (which is what I did) I went from Capital One to Georgia's Own CU Smiley Happy

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Re: When To Refinance!?!?!

Last October i refinanced with CAFCU for 41K @5.8% 10 months post bk 7 from GM Financial rate of 11ish%. I had the GM rate for only two months. Given your scores, you can a CU that can lower your rate of 20% which is pretty high and also lower your GAP insurance. All it takes is research and action. Good luck.

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