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Where to Apply?


Re: Where to Apply?

firststep wrote:

Here is my Update:


My utilization down to 35% from 98% .. score is 613 Experian by roadloan 


got loan from capitalone (19%) and roadloan (11% with 4K down)  [ car i am looking to buy cost me around 20K have downpayment around 7K ]


planning to go to dealer and ask them if they can give me better rate.... either way i will refinance after 6-8 months


guys... give me some advice what might be my best course to take ..  I need to buy car within 10 days ..thanks



11% isn't a terrible APR in your situation at all.  I think you already have your plan right there, that's exactly what I did actually and anecdotally it's worked for a lot of folks.

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Re: Where to Apply?

Capital one. No No they turn me down 2 times . lol and they pull all 3 for your app !

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Re: Where to Apply?

Update from my last post. About to close on our dream house in about a week and the price tag is $347,900. Things didn't work out with me purchasing our current residence as my landlord refused to make any repairs and the price jumped to $210,000. It isn't worth that much. Landlord is upset that I'm not buying her property and is trying to evict us before we close on the house. Never paid her late so I hired an attorney.

Best of luck finding a new car...keep us posted. :-)
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Re: Where to Apply?

Final update:


I finally bought a car and got interest rate 9% dealer beat roadloans rate of 11%   ( credit score : 610 transunion dealer pulled)


I am still planning to refinance after 6 months.


thanks everyone for your valuable input.

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