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Will I be able to refinance?

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Re: High interest auto loan - what to do

Do you live at the same address as your co applicant?

You need A credit union because they use RKBB. BofA uses WKBB and is probably reason for your decline.

Did you purchase ext warranty or GAP? You can cancel the warranty to help bring down your principal balance.

Where do you live?

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Re: High interest auto loan - what to do


That is helpful. I do not live at the same address as my co applicant. I have gap for $2 per warranty. I live in Maryland. Can you explain what RKBB vs WKBB stands for? I am really hoping to pay down at least half this loan by January by making an extra 550 a month in payments plus an extra 1000 or so. My co applicant could try again with a credit union, but she wants to wait 6 months because of the credit ding. Thanks so much. 

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