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hello there has anybody heard of this company?i have an aquaintance who is thinking of getting refinanced with them,hes currently with santander and they  suck! lol well his interest rate does at least. he has a cosigner but i think there credit score as in like the 650 range if memory serves correctly.

anyways im just babbling,has anyone heard of them

thank you


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Hi, I'm currently work then now. Much like your friend I had a horrible APR with santander (19%), but my original plan had been to refinance I. a year. 6 months later I tried torefinance but the offers were not much of an improvement so I held off. 2 months later I got a letter from carfinance claiming they could lower my interest as low as 12%. So after some research turned up no red flags (for me at least) I applied and was given like an 8.8%. This all happened early 2013, bank then my credit was like 600.


From my experience they are worth the inquiry and give reasonable rates for low credit. If he/she has paid santander well has reasonable income and stable job/residence if imagine they'd get it.

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Hi, does anyone else have any information or experience with this company?

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