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does ford motor credit backlist?

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does ford motor credit backlist?

back when i was young, stupid & knew everything,  i voluntarily let my car get repo'd by ford.  it was in a 1997 divorce.    now that im a little bit older and wiser, im looking into financing a new ford truck.   i have financing with penfed & capital one auto secured already for my new purchase. however,   a few dealers keep telling me they can beat their finance offers with ford credit.


how long of a memory does ford have when it comes to things like this?  any of you had experiences with them blacklisting for decades old accounts?   that account was iib (me only)  shortly after the divorce and repo.  balance fell on my exwife to pay.   its been 25 years.  maybe they forgot.  



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Re: does ford motor credit backlist?

Ford definitely takes a relationship based approach and does blacklist. Will that lessen after 25 years? Who knows.

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Re: does ford motor credit backlist?

I know with me after 22 years I was still on there blacklist with over a 700 score and a perfect report.

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Re: does ford motor credit backlist?

I didn't know Ford blacklists.... but honestly if it's been 25 years and you have good credit and previous auto loans paid..... 



go to the largest dealer around you, where a very good F&I manager can go to bat for you when he tries to oveturn a denial (if you get a denial). I worked BDC & floor at a dealership when I first was out of college... nothing a good F&I manager can't smooth over 🤣 but be prepared to meet their demands.. higher rate.. more DP.. etc.. 


only way to know is to apply

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