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fico auto enhanced score

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fico auto enhanced score

I just read about the fico auto enhanced score. here is my credit profile to give you an idea of what an auto lender will see..... I have 12 statisfactory accounts, 15 derogatory accounts (past not current) and I have 0 derogatory accounts currently. Everything bad has been in the past. My auto loan however was very satisfactory. I never once missed a payment or was late. my traditional Beacon score is 542. Any idea what range my auto enhanced score will be? Will it be enough to help me get an interest rate less than 15%?! Any help would be appreciated. I have to buy a car tomorrow on the whim. Mine just died and I have no downpayment either!!
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Re: fico auto enhanced score

Before shoping I would call the auto finance companies (Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, they company you used in the past) and aks them.  Also check CU and differnt delars as well.  Also print out your CRs and take them do the dealer or CU and ask them if they would qualify you past on the info.  They may not give you an exact answer  but it might save you from a hard INQ denial.
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