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hypothetical auto enhanced/fico score..


hypothetical auto enhanced/fico score..

my credit is crap (603), but my hypothetical auto enhanced score may be ok based on my perfect auto credit history.


would it be possible that my credit union and bank will give me a higher rate, reflecting my regular fico..
while an auto lender (honda finance) gives me a lower rate for having a better auto enhanced score.

everybody posts tha the CU will give the best rates.. but they don't use auto enhanced scores..

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Re: hypothetical auto enhanced/fico score..

I'm not an expert on this, but I recently purchased a car and my auto enhanced Fico score was 39 points higher than my regular Fico score.  I only found that out when I did the application to finance through Toyota.  In my case, the only car loan on my CR was a car loan paid off in 2000 - with no late payments. I'm not sure if a more recent or extensive auto loan history would boost your auto enhanced score even more.  Applying for dealer financing is probably the only way to find out.  Good luck.

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Re: hypothetical auto enhanced/fico score..

The best thing to do would be apply at the CU and see what they offer you and then take that approval to the dealer and see if they can beat it. If they can't then go with the CU financing.

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