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myFICO Forums = My New Car!

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myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Been here for a few years and so grateful for all I've learned.  If you work it, it works!  I could never have imagined I would qualify for a new car loan so easily but I did.  I've been rebuilding and it's working.


Picked up my new Mercedes Benz C 300 Sport on Monday.  Got a 3.99% rate and a payment I can easily afford after my down payment.  


Thank you to everyone here who contributes Smiley Happy  Been dreaming about this one for a long time.  Now about that house I want in a few years, better go read up... lol 

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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Congrats, its amazing what knowledge can do for a person. I too am looking at a mercedes and house within the next year or so.

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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Congrats! enjoy

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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Congrats on your success... I too am a work in progress.  Although, I did just recently get the 2018 Mercedes GLC300 coupe, and can I just say it's screamin fun to drive.  I would recommend one to everyone!  

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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Congratulations on the new car. Keep up the great work. 



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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

OP, looking at your signature I see that your score has increased very nicely in the past 10 months, congratulations on doing the hard work!  Another congratulations is in order on the very nice Mercedes you've got yourself there.  Have fun and enjoy!!!

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Re: myFICO Forums = My New Car!

Congrats on the new vehicle, very nice car indeed.

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