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new Car Loan

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new Car Loan

I am so glad I paid off my credit cards when I did. My scores jumped significantly. I had planned on refinancing my car loan soon. As fate would have it, right before I purchased new tires, fixed cracked windshield and got inspection, someone sideswiped my car and it was figured as a total loss. I did receive enough to pay off the loan at least. Thank goodness.


So I head back to credit union for a new loan. My old interest rate was just under 13%. My new rate is 5.74%!!!!!  I had gotten pre-approved for 14k because that is about what I spent before and I wanted the payments to be around the same amount. Now I am looking at cars and most of them that I want are between 15 and 16k, so I am hoping I can go a little higher without it affecting my interest and still pay a little less monthly.


I knew my interest rate would be better, I just was not expecting that much better!

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Re: new Car Loan


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Re: new Car Loan

What a wonderful feeling, great work!

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Re: new Car Loan



Glad that your car being totalled worked out in your favor!

Doesnt always work that way, so kudos!

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