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porsche or mercedes financial lease

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porsche or mercedes financial lease

looking to check odds of approval. i’m 30, technically a first time buyer (previous vehicles were under a business / no co-sign).

fico 5 auto scores:
TU 742/EX 678 (not sure why the gap)

fico 8 auto:
tu 731/ex 697

credit cards/retail 16k all At 0 balance.
0 inquiries on file. 0 late payments, good mix of installement/cards.

looking to lease a porsche panamera or mercedes s560. sizeable down available. what are odds?
income 175k+ , 5 year employment company history.

working with porsche or mercedes who would i have a better shot with?
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Re: porsche or mercedes financial lease

Call your local dealerships and ask to speak with a finance manager. They should know which report will be pulled and the score required to be approved for a lease. Good luck!
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Re: porsche or mercedes financial lease

Tier 1 with Porsche financial is 740 TU auto score.  

FICO TU 721,, EX 705, EQ 715 Cap1 QS 11.3K, NFCU Sig GoRewards 17.5K,, NFCU Sig cash rewards 18.5k, NFCU Navchek 15K, Chase Disney 3K, Chase Amazon Sig 3K, PayPal Extras MC 6K, Bloomingdales 16K, Macy's Amex 19K, , Marvel MC 6K, Lowes 17K, Penfed 36K. Utilization 16%. Inquires 18 on each
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Re: porsche or mercedes financial lease

Do you know which version of the FICO auto score (8, 5, 4 or 2) Porsche uses?

One’s scores can be quite different depending on the person they use.
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Re: porsche or mercedes financial lease

You won’t be approved, my annual income is a tad bit higher and just squeezed by on a 911 S, WITH precious auto loans in the $1300/m category.

Porsche FS is very very strict on previous installments reporting similar to the $ you’re trying to get, I’d be surprised if any dealer offers you $65k being a first auto loan, wife had a hard time getting one on her own (75k) so I co-signed with her 145k income. to show previous installments.

Porsche FS used Experian Fico 8 for me, finance managers are great and try to move mountains to get a deal done.. probably the best in the business, but sometimes they can’t!.
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