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tesla approval odds

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tesla approval odds

Looking for approval odds for a new Tesla Model 3. 58k loan amount.

Today's fico 8: 650 EQ, 684 TU, 649 EX.

Income: 220k

Current auto loan from Capital One: 30k balance, no lates, 2 years old.

DTI: 35%

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Re: tesla approval odds

I'm wondering if it makes sense to apply to NFCU vs Tesla's program. I have had a mostly dormant account with NFCU for many years and about a year ago I deposited about $8k and recently withdrew that amount. So, I don't really have a true relationship with them, but I kinda do? lol. Whereas the benefit of applying through Tesla is that I think I read that they get slightly favorable approvals through US Bank.



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Re: tesla approval odds

You're better off applying for your own financing rather than going with Tesla's own. NFCU's new auto rate is pretty good. Im my case, I went with a local credit union and got a 2.49% rate and just brought the check with me on delivery day to pick up my Model 3. Approval odds may be better as well.


Good luck.

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Re: tesla approval odds

Scores are a bit low.. for that reason alone id go through teslas program, but nonetheless id assume a approval if your 30k auto loan has been paid on time the last 2 years.

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Re: tesla approval odds

Good Luck @nobodyfresh on whatever you decide to do.

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Re: tesla approval odds

If TU is your highest score, I would give NFCU a shot. I have a model 3 on order as well. I plan to use PenFed because they pull EQ which is my highest score. Hope this helps. Good luck and congrats! Can't wait to take delivery of mine after the new year.

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