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tesla approval odds

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tesla approval odds

Looking for approval odds for a new Tesla Model 3. 58k loan amount.

Today's fico 8: 650 EQ, 684 TU, 649 EX.

Income: 220k

Current auto loan from Capital One: 30k balance, no lates, 2 years old.

DTI: 35%

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Re: tesla approval odds

I'm wondering if it makes sense to apply to NFCU vs Tesla's program. I have had a mostly dormant account with NFCU for many years and about a year ago I deposited about $8k and recently withdrew that amount. So, I don't really have a true relationship with them, but I kinda do? lol. Whereas the benefit of applying through Tesla is that I think I read that they get slightly favorable approvals through US Bank.



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Re: tesla approval odds

You're better off applying for your own financing rather than going with Tesla's own. NFCU's new auto rate is pretty good. Im my case, I went with a local credit union and got a 2.49% rate and just brought the check with me on delivery day to pick up my Model 3. Approval odds may be better as well.


Good luck.

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