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turned down by usaa

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turned down by usaa

Howdy folks,
                 I don't get it. Although i know opening 4 new credit card account this month hurts my score. But usaa just gave me two cc with 10000 limits. I also opened a amex and bmw visa.
So I tried to refi my audi with usaa. They declined. Never late on any car. I have a few open car accounts due to my business.
Why did they turn me down? Can I try again in 6 months? I just don't get it. i've been with them for a few years and why would they give me 10000 in unsecured credit but not with a secured car account.
My scores dropped about 40 points after app spree and new accounts. Scores now between 610 and 658.
I'm bumed out now. I've worked so hard to be good and improve my rating. What gives?
Thank you for your input.
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Re: turned down by usaa

what was your fico score. I just(like 2 minutes ago) refi my car with Usaa. Gave me a 6.3% with a EQ score of 635 which arfe the lowest scores I have. Dropped from a 9.9%. I also have car and house insurance through them.
edit: like you I have numerous new account. 6 cc in in a months time.

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