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1 yr Anniversary of CH7 filing...

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1 yr Anniversary of CH7 filing...

what an incredible difference 1 yr makes! seriously this is nuts.  

We dischaged in September last year

Filed 6/1/16


Post BK Scores

496 - eq
490 - tu
510 - ex


Since dischage

Opened a secured credit card with NFCU

Opened a secured credit builder loan with NFCU

2 unsecured credit cards

1 store card


Scores as of this AM 

634 - eq
623 - tu
672 - ex


Looks like EQ and TU are behind reporting a major account change which EX bumped me by 50 points! (closed my NFCU secured loan no idea why that bumped me so high but... it did!)


So the question is, I have applied for and been turned down for a few different unsecured cards (cap one were still black listed till next month at the earliest), Barclay said no, discover said i was pre-approved then shot me down, and we tried for an NFCU unsecured card months ago.  


I am considering applying for an un secured NFCU card... should I? 


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Re: 1 yr Anniversary of CH7 filing...

I personally would wait till your discharge anniversary in Sept. 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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