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10 years later, a special thank you to you all!

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10 years later, a special thank you to you all!


I flied for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and it was discharged back in January of 2012. 9 years and 11 months later, it has been dropped off of all 3 of my credit reports. I unfortunately was spending way over my head in my 20's and it all fell apart when I lost my job. I learned some very difficult lessons the hard way. I came to these forums and have lurked for years absorbing as much information/knowledge as I could as others shared their stories and experiences. All the indirect advice I received, I truly appreciated.


I started off slow with CapOne Platinum unsecured card a few months post discharge. I was able to add another CapOne QuickSilver about a year after that. I waited until 2016 before I applied and was approved for a Discover IT card and applied and received my 4th and final card in 2019 MGM MLife Rewards MasterCard through FNB of Omaha.


I never put myself in debt and was able to also get a auto financing through CapOne in 2016. I never applied for any other type of credit besides those 5. The car has since been fully paid off and I just have my 4 revolving cards on my credit report. I have a combined CL of $45,000.00. I always pay off my balance in full each month and my credit score has been rougly 747 for the past year or 2. Today I can say with my Ch7 removed, it is now 811!


I earned this new financial start in life. It is not something I will take lightly or for granted as it was a hard lesson with many sacrifices involved. Once again, I can't thank you all enough for all you have shared and posted through the years. There truly is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Re: 10 years later, a special thank you to you all!

Congrats! Just remember when all accounts report $0 your leaving points on the table. Less than 4 yrs left for me. It will be here fast.

Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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Re: 10 years later, a special thank you to you all!

Congratulations! I love reading similar stories to my.  You are doing great!  Almost the same story but I was 31 when I filled BK7 in March of 2012.  I also had a job lost and a mortgage (townhouse).  My BK7 has fallen off 2 with the exception of Equifax (they probably won't drop it until Feb 2022).  I orginally started with a Macy's store card (now Macy's Amex), then the Ollo card, then a Cap1 Plaitinum (Switched it to Venture One in 2019), Then Cap1 Quicksilver, Amazon store card, and Discover card for a total of 6 cards. I had not applied for anything else sinse the Discover on 06/2019 until recently.  I had 0 inquiries on all of my credit reports until Dec 22 of this year.  I received an invite for the new tech card X1.  I sock draw my Venture One card that has been at $3.5K since 2019 (will use it for a tank of gas every 6 months) and everyone said X1 did not do a hard inquiry, so I went ahead and applied.  Well, when I applied a week ago, they did do one but after being angry, I was fine since I was approved for 21.5K.  Now I have a little over 75K in total CL.  I am also done.  Just patiently waiting for Equifax to drop it.  I called them about 2 weeks ago for an early exclusion since the other 2 dropped it on their own but it was a no go.

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Re: 10 years later, a special thank you to you all!

Congrats on your hard work and dedication to improving your credit!

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Re: 10 years later, a special thank you to you all!

Congrats on the great progress and continued success!

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