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13 Discharged today!

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13 Discharged today!

Attorney sent me my and my husband out discharge papers via email today.  I swear the cheers were loud and heard down the block!  What a long 60 month journey.. Just wanted to say thank you to the community as I read, lived through you all and we made it!  Pacer and ndc were stalked at the end and so was the steps to discharge.  


For those wondering in Seattle - We had finish all payments, then send in the pre-dischage cerification of classes taken (2). Then the disclosure for domestic support form (proving we did not owe any monies). Then a week later we were discharged.  Note: We did not have any credit cards in BK.  Nor did we purchase a vehicle in the plan (ours is 17 years old) and that alleviated any accounting issues easily.  The Judge signed order this morning and we are on our way.


I thought it would take forever (30 days) but the Trustee trusted us as we did exactly what he wanted and did comply 100% for the entire payment plan. So he moved things quickly.


Here's to a new journey and slow rebuild!  Woohoo!!!Smiley Very Happy

D/C 3/17
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Re: 13 Discharged today!

Congrats!!  Welcome to the rebuild - it's exciting and rewarding.  Lots of good information here.  I've learned so much since my 13 discharge in August 2016.

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Re: 13 Discharged today!

Congrats on your discharge! I look forward to seeing your rebuilding path! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: 13 Discharged today!


Congratz !!!!


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Re: 13 Discharged today!

Very nice. Congrats on completing your CH 13.  That's not a easy feat to do.

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Re: 13 Discharged today!

Congrats!! It definitely isn't easy!! Onward and upward!!!

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Re: 13 Discharged today!

Congratulations!  It's a long road to recovery but w/some very valuable lessons and increased awareness!  Kudos to you. 

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