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15 months POST BK and NFCU CLI finally!

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Re: 15 months POST BK and NFCU CLI finally!

Congrats on your rebuilding success!!!!  I discharged in 6/16 and am also on a great path with my rebuild - largely due to knowledge that I've taken away from you all throughout my initial consideration of BK to present.  May your success continue and your FICO scores be strong!

Filed BK7: 3/24/16 Discharged: 6/27/16
Staring Scores: May 2016 -
TU - 491. EX - 520, EQ - 512 - Goal Scores: 750
Current Scores: MyFico 8 - May 2017 TU - 648, EX - 636, EQ - 658 In the wallet: Credit One CC ($600 CL) NFCU Visa CC ($8200 CL) NFCU CLOC ($7500) Amazon ($800 CL) Walmart CC ($700 CL) there are more but I'm too lazy to update
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Re: 15 months POST BK and NFCU CLI finally!

Very nice!! It gives me hope that there is life after BK. I too burned CapOne and Synchrony and hope to get in with them again eventually. I am very jealous that you started with an unsecured NFCU. I just assumed I'd need to start secured. It's nice to see that some are able to get in unsecured. 

Rebuilding from BK 7
EQ-554 TU-567 EX-542 ~ Day of Filing (2/2017)
EQ-559 TU-496 EX-510 ~ Day of Discharge (6/2017)
EQ-696 TU-677 EX-679 ~ Current (4/18)
Credit One, Merrick, Paypal, Overstock, Pottery Barn, NFCU Secured & CapOne
Live, learn, and overcome
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Re: 15 months POST BK and NFCU CLI finally!

Navy fed is great but they are hard pull happy I'm done poking the bear 👍🏽😂 I think I've reached my internal limit with them.
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