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18 months post BK - My story so far

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18 months post BK - My story so far

Hi everyone!


My life has flipped down side up a lot in the last 18 months, as I have become really responsible with my spending. Thought I would share what cards I have, which ones I recommend, and my score pre-bankruptcy and now current. Hope this provides hope for those on the edge trying to make the decision to file or not. Remember, everyones situation is different - you may not have the same score as me 18 months after BK. I am also not recommending BK to anyone unless you really need it.


My profile:

Transunion: 714

Experian: 702

Equifax: 721


Prior to BK, I was sitting with my scores in the upper 400s across the board.


My cards and recommendations:


Capital One: Quicksilver. Started: $300 in April 2016. Currently $2400 with a CLI possible next month. #1 recommended card for rebuilders, they are very friendly.

Walmart store card: Started $400 Oct 2016. Currently $3500. 

Cabela'a Visa: $1000 (wont ever budge on a CLI)

Amazon store card: Started $500 Oct 2016, got a CLI to $1500 today

Giant Eagle card - started at $200 in Jan 2016 (first unsecured card) now at $2600. Even if you dont live in the area, highly recommended due to being able to purchase gift cards from over 800 merchants. I live an hour from Giant Eagle, but often redeem best buy gift cards, purchase an item on bestbuy's website, and pick it up. Growing nicely

Kohls - $400 - will never budge on an increase - may be closing it soon

Merrick Bank  - started at $700, now at $1400. May close at one year anniversary due to annual fee.

Jcrew - started at $200, now at $650. Hasnt moved in a while, may need to shop there soon

Discover - $800 due for a CLI later this month (card opened about 15 months post DC)

New Egg - $500. 


About $15k in unsecured cards. I am also an authorized user on a few more cards. Student loans, never late. No car, but was recently approved with capital one at 7 percent, which I am holding off on for now. Usage on cards always roughly 5% at time of reporting. 

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Re: 18 months post BK - My story so far

Congrats on your improvements. I hope your upside continues to go higher and higher Smiley Happy

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Re: 18 months post BK - My story so far

Well done! super high scores!!!! Smiley Wink

BK Discharged 06/02/2016 SCORES AROUND 475

Current scores:
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