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2 Derogatory Accounts updating post BK 7

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2 Derogatory Accounts updating post BK 7

So this is for my boyfriend, I'm trying to help him rebuild his credit after a chapter 7 bankruptcy last year following a divorce and some heavy medical bills.  We are just using Credit Karma for now, but plan to pull the 3 real credit bureu reports and scores in the next week or so. So everything is looking good, he's got an Open Sky secured card and just got approved for a Credit One this week, we realize its not the best card, but its a start down the unsecured path.  What I'm noticing though is that Credit Karma says he has 1 account out of 3 reporting in good standing.  The good one being the Open Sky (Credit One hasn't reported yet) and the other two are medical bills that were discharged in the Chapter 7.  They both report the balance as $0 and say Included in Chapter 7, the problem seems to be that they are updating this information every month and every month at least Credit Karma is taking it as being an active collection that needs attention, thus offsetting the aging of the bankruptcy.  Is this right?  Should they still be updating each month 9 months past BK discharge?  Should I hit the dispute button or does it not mean anything even though they have current reporting dates within the last 30 days?  Thanks in advance for all insight.  

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Re: 2 Derogatory Accounts updating post BK 7

For starters I would pull your actual reports from the CRA themselves, TU, EQ, EX, and see if they are reporting correctly and/or updating like you've said. I only trust what I see on my TRUE actual reports from the CRA's.

If you pull them, and they are continuing to report monthly, thats a huge NO NO. They can NOT update or report on anything PAST YOUR FILE DATE....period. If thats the case, I would dispute that fast!

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Re: 2 Derogatory Accounts updating post BK 7

I agree with Pizza, since you're only using Credit Karma there is no real way to know to validity of whats being shown. You may already know but you can go to annual credit reports website to pull your reports. Print them out or download them and scan for errors. Credit Karma is good to get an idea of what your scores are but they are your FAKO scores also, so you really dont know what your true scores are or the accuracy of how the actual tradelines are being reported. Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

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Re: 2 Derogatory Accounts updating post BK 7

Just wanted to also agree to look at an actual credit report vs. credit karma. My husband's CK kept showing that his capital one accounts were still open after our discharge, but when I pulled the report from annual credit it showed as closed IIB. Not sure why the discrepancy but I don't much trust CK now for anything.
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