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3 month 1 week post BK7 update

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3 month 1 week post BK7 update

Scores are current in sig


I got the Cap1 plat MC a day or so after DC for $3k

A couple days later we financed a vehicle through Cap1


A week or so after my first statement cut I PC'd to the QS.

3rd Statement cut and I got a $300 CLI via love button no pull


The past week I got a $500 secured visa from WF, and I opened an account at a local CU, and they asked if I wanted a CC.  I said sure,  to get me started rebuilding they approved me for a $500 visa at 17.9%, and said give it time and the limit will increase and the rate will decrease. 


I also was approved for the Cabela's Club Visa with a $3k SL 9.9% Cabela purchases and 18.9% everywhere else. 


I didn't plan on the card from the CU or else I wouldn't have opened the secured card, but oh well.  I'm done until June when I get my CLI from Cap1, and then I may app for a second Cap1 card...hopefully that one will have a nice SL.  Then beginning of next year I plan to refi my wife's vehicle, and go for a nice CC from Penfed. 

Learning from my past and rebuilding..

BK discharged 1/10/17
scores: EQ 659 | TU 630 | EX 659

QS 3.8K | WF 500 | Cabela's 3k | ACU 500 |

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