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341 Last week

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341 Last week

how soon will my credit report change?


Our scores are in the high 400s Smiley Sad We will have to work with our student loans to figure out how to manage those.

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Re: 341 Last week

Your reports should all update to IIB and $0 balances within a couple weeks, it takes time for the BK notices to go through the mail. My scores were like yours when I filed, all averaged a 50 point increase after the public record was listed on all 3 CR's. And in regards to the student loans, contact the loan company's and work with them and they'll work with you. And if they're Federal loans I'd make that a priority, Feds can get messy around tax time lol.

BK7 Filed | 3/25/2016 | EQ: 530 | EX: 526 | TU: 505
BK7 Discharged | 7/11/2016 | EQ: 535 | EX: 574 | TU: 506
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