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341 meeting is over!

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341 meeting is over!

I am wondering is the 60 day wait after meeting for creditors to still object? We had 341 on 12/21 and pacer now has updated and says 341 meeting satisfied and concluded. So what exactly happens from here prior to discharge?


Discharged 3/23/17
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Re: 341 meeting is over!

I havent filed just yet, but I am in the process to do so.

How do you feel so far?


But either way congratulations and hopefully its smooth sailing from here.    Smiley Happy

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Re: 341 meeting is over!

Here is info I found that will help you out:


Within 14 days after your 341 meeting:


The US Trustee must file a statement with the court as to whether or not you passed or flunked the Means Test. If the Trustee thinks you flunked the Means Test, within 30 days of filing this statement, he/she can ask the Court to dismiss your case.


30 Days after your 341 meeting:


The 30th day is the last day for the Trustee or any Creditor to object to your claims of any personal property. If you have properly listed the asset, you are in the clear after that time. But if you have to amend an exemption claim, the 30 day clock restarts from the time you file your amendment.


60 Days after your 341 meeting:


The 60th day is the deadline for creditors to claim that certain types of debts - most notably credit cards and nonsupport marital obligations - should not be wiped out. If the creditor fails to file in time, it's too late (for them) and you are home free. The same deadline applies to any claims that your discharge should be denied altogether because of serious misconduct. Either the Trustee or a Creditor could file for this denial (but it is unlikely to occur unless you have serious misconduct.)

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Re: 341 meeting is over!

I am roughly 2 1/2 weeks away from being discharged and still a nervous wreck. Still cannot believe it's almost been 60 days since 341. The last day for creditors is 1/6/17 per case status on Pacer. 


I'm eager to get started on rebuilding. Best of luck to you!!



Discharged Jan 2017
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