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9.5 years into BK... what to expect?

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9.5 years into BK... what to expect?

So I have 6 months left before I reach the 10 year mark on my BK discharge. I can't tell you how happy I will be to make it past this final hump. 


I use my cards and pay in full every month- I have zero debt and about 40k in available credit, though most of the lines are very limited (5k, 4k, 10k on one). 


My current Fico8 scores are 755/749/740 Fico 9 are higher 815/800/760  (what's up with Experian??) 


Has anyone noticed that credit line increases get better after a BK falls off of your report entirely?


I feel like some (Barclays) have increased while others have been stingy (Capital One). 


Thanks :-) 



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Re: 9.5 years into BK... what to expect?

Search the forums for "early exclusion." 


You may be able to get your BK removed from your reports early and boost your scores.

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