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9 years post discharge and CRA problem

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9 years post discharge and CRA problem

Hi, I am at my wits end and hope someone can help me with this. I filed for BK Chapter 7 in 2004 and it was discharged a few months later. At that time all the accounts IIB reported as such with a zero balance and fell off the report after 7 years. The BK itself will fall off next year, 2014. I had a mortgage included in this BK and did not reaffirm it but have made all on time payments since the inception of the loan including the past 9 years. My mortgage was with GMAC. They sold off their mortgage division at the first of this year and my mortage was sold and I started making the payments to the new company in Feb. This new company reported the account to 2 of the CRA's ( so far) a few weeks ago and it dropped my score on TU by about 80 points. It is being reported this way:


Date opened: 8/2002

Date Reported: 4/30/2013

Last pymt: 4/5/2013

Date closed: 4/30/2013

Balance: 0

Account included in BK 4/30/2013

Year to be Removed : 1/2020


I have disputed this with the 2 CRA's and am waiting patiently Smiley Sad  It appears it was reaged somehow with the 2020 date above, since the BK itself falls off next year.


I guess I don't really understand what is going on here and hope someone can tell me. Smiley Happy


Can they reinsert the IIB comment after the original one came off after 7 years? Is this company allowed to report at all?


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Re: 9 years post discharge and CRA problem

All accounts included in your BK back in 2004 fell off in 2011. It can not be re-inserted under no circumstance.

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Re: 9 years post discharge and CRA problem

I disputed this account and EQ and TU deleted but Experian came back with "updated" it now reads on Experian "included in BK filed in 2004/never late" and in the information from the dispute about the account says that "transferred accounts stay on file 10 years from the date of transfer".  So, does this mean the "included in BK in 2004" will be on my file for the next 10 years with them? It would not let me re-dispute. I am not understanding their reasoning behind letting the negative connotation remain on my report when the 7 years reporting period was up 2 years ago!

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Re: 9 years post discharge and CRA problem

You need a Three pronged Jack attack. Call and dispute with experian over the phone. You can make your argument with a person. As soon as you hang up, call and dispute directly with the lender. Explain the situation and make sure someone records the dispute and get a name and number of whom to call within a specified time period. Hang up, file an online dispute with the CFPB. Its easy to do online. 


You are clearly a victim of reinsertion/reaging. 


If at step 1 the experian agent tells you on the phone, "YOU ARE CORRECT, I WILL DELETE RIGHT AWAY" by all means skip step 2 and 3. If it is only a re-dispute, attack from all ends. 

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