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AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just got my credit report here and saw my report and scores since my discharge [may 2007],well its a mess alot that was suppose to be included in my bk is not i will dispute it   but my biggest concern is a account from a bank stating i oue a 52,000 loan and it says charge off opened sept 2007 and closed oct 2007...this is crazy i never had this,,,the help i need is i want to write this bank but what do i say
                PLEASE HELP
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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

first, challenge that the debt is not yours.

next, make sure that the accounts discharged are included in bk and that the balance is $0. this is important, especially thebalance , as this will affect your utilization which is a third of your scores...HUGE.

you can challenge them online for transunion and experian, but you have to do equifax in writing...MAKE SURE IT IS CERTIFIED MAIL, and make sure you save the email confirmations for online disputes....BY LAW, THEY HAVE TO DELETE DISPUTES NOT REPLIED TO WITHIN 30 DAYS.

challenge everything in your report, ESPECIALLY collections, most often times, they are too lazy to validate and they have no more interest in you since there is nothing more to collect.

if these discharged debts are still reporting to your reports even after the discharge, tell your lawyer, since it is against the law for them to do this and you can have a case against them for violating a court order. they can only report once to your credit report after a discharge, and that one should be a $0 balance/IIB. nothing more!

i am concern about that bank might have a case of identity theft if this loan is validated. you should call the bank and clarify it, at the same time challenge it on your report.
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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here it goes i did call the bank and he was sooo rude saying i got a equity line in the amount of 52,775
i told him i did not. any way he proceeded to say it was for the forclosure of the house which was discharged in may 2007,,,,,but the thing was i was never on the morgage just my husband...he said your telling me you were never on it i said no,,,,and i asked him how he came to see my dh oews this when they sent him a irs thing saying 44,000 was discharged--get this its with my husbands name and my ss#...i told him i signed nothing not a thing with the house....the thing is i had a checking account with them and they put my checking account # as the morgage # so my question is i disputed this with equifax and transunion   but can i ssend them a dv letter    i was gonna right something like this
         to whom it may concern,
i recently pulled my creit report with eq and trans and noticed this account was
listed on each of my reports as a profit and loss write off in the amout of 52,775
as a installment account.
you claim i owe you a debt,in accordance with the law,i dispute your claim and demand
that you provide me with proof of this debt
is this ok or should i add more
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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this should be simple enough. Make sure everything is certified mailed and you have copies of everything.

Simply tell them to validate the debt. If there is no signature, then it is not yours....correct?

They can't "validate the debt" if it is not yours, therefore, the law is on your side. They are probably only trying to bully you.

validating a debt means they will contact the creditor for proof that you took out the loan. if they can't, it gets deleted. i am more concerned about this bank saying it's yours...nevermind the credit report for now. make sure you get that bank to clear you in writing.

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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do i write that they clear me in i give them a time limit like 30 respond back to me. this bank is horrible they do everything a** backwards,,,,for an example   my sister inlaw opened a 40,000 cd with them in her name only  to our surprise they put my husband on it as the owner can you believe this...we told her and she was pi**ed off so she went down and closed it as shes closing it they never asked for her id they just give her a cashiers check for the amount.when i opened a checking account 8 years ago they were not like that or maybe they were and i just didnt know.
but anyways this bank is stressing me out....
                     PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP WITH THEM
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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you are speaking to them over the phone, and they agree that they made a mistake regarding that, simply take down their name, extension number, whatever...and once you hear that you are in the right, just ask them if you can have something in writing stating about the matter, that you are not in fault, or regarding that conversation. Don't be afraid to talk to a supervisor...if you believe you are right, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

if you are communicating via letter, a reply back from them telling that you are not at fault is enough.....simply save it and don't lose it.
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Re: AFTER BANKRUPTCY .......I NEED SOME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i got the bank to investigate and guess what i was right and he apologized to me i told him i need him to take his tl out the credit bureaus he said he would now that was on monday then on tuesday i checked my reports  well he only updated to it stating profit and loss as of 3/2008    i called him i was soo mad he once again said sorry i told him i dont want sorry i want it deleted and if he does not i will see them in court.well of course i do not believe him so ill keep checking,,,,,,,,i should of left a paper trail not on the phone.
     this is a long and stressfull process to clean up my credit report but i guess in the long run
    it will be worth it.
                     THANXS FOR EVERYTHING 
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