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AMEX Platinum Possible Approval after 10 Years Chapter 7 BK Discharged

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Re: AMEX Platinum Possible Approval after 10 Years Chapter 7 BK Discharged

@FireMedic1 wrote:

@CWESTL wrote:

I shared my positive experience with AMEX in a post in April 2021. Since the post my AMEX Cash Magnet (originally approved 5 years 4 months post DC) CL has increased another $6K to a total CL of $26K and I was approved for an AMEX Platinum with a 150,000 point bonus. My Lowe's AMEX Business card was approved for a CLI (from $13.5K to $25K). All of the aforementioned CLI approvals and the AMEX Platinum approval were completed WITHOUT a hard inquiry. I want to stress that I burned AMEX in my Chapter 7 BK and I did NOT repay the discharged debt of approximately $10K.

When did you file? That helps.

@FireMedic1 I filed in May 2013 and as noted in my signature information was discharged in August 2013.


Congrats @sweetz28!!!!! Being able to benefit again from AMEX membership and rewards has been great!

Chapter 7 Discharge Aug 2013 Starting Score: Oct. 2013 EQ FICO 651
October 2022 EQ FICO 9 780
October 2022 EQ FICO 8 745 Mortgage 716
October 2022 TU FICO 8 748 Mortgage 738
October 2022 EX FICO 8 745 Mortgage 742
AMEX Cash Magnet $26K; AMEX Platinum NPSL, POT $17K; Cap One QS World MC $11k; Cap One Venture Sign VS $25k; NFCU AMEX Rwds $28k; NFCU VS Sign Cash Rwds $24.1k; NFCU Plat VS $19k; Mercury (previously Barclay Rwds MC) $5750k; Lowes $35k; Neiman Marcus $34k; Discover It $11.5k; Discover It $13.5K; Venmo Visa Sign $20K; Barclaycard (AU) $25.5K; Discover (AU) $19.5k New Mortgage Jan 2016 & Nonreaffirmed Mortgage Refinance Nov 2020; HELOC @ 2.75% Apr 2022; New Auto July 2017; NFCU LOC $20K
GOAL 780 FICOs on ALL 3 CRs by OCTOBER 2023.
Lowes Business AMEX $25K
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