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AMEX after burning them during bankruptcy?

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AMEX after burning them during bankruptcy?

Hello, I've done a bunch of reading here about getting an AMEX after bankruptcy. I saw some people saying things like "If you burned them, you have to pay them back in full, before they will consider an app." Is there someone you're able to contact at AMEX to set up a separate repayment plan if you end up having to burn them during your BK? I ask because it seems like there's some other way to pay them in full based on what people were saying. I'm still debating BK but I would really hate to never be able to have an AMEX again.

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Re: AMEX after burning them during bankruptcy?

From my understanding that's true.  But you can call customer service and they should direct you to the correct department.   Others more versed will chime in.  

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Re: AMEX after burning them during bankruptcy?

It wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they will accept a repayment plan I'm sure they would rather have their money then the alternative.


To answer your other question if you decide to go through with BK and include Amex without paying them then you're pretty much sealing that tomb. I've seen members here going 20+ years and still no soup from amex. 

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Re: AMEX after burning them during bankruptcy?

Welcome @moving_on_2023 

I'd spend more time looking forward to financial freedom than worrying about AMEX at this time. After you get your DC papers. Then work out a plan to get back in. I wouldn't call and say I'm going to file BK then pay you back. They may shut you down right them on the phone so you dont charge more before BK. Dont put the cart before the horse.

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