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Account reporting after bankruptcy dismissal

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Account reporting after bankruptcy dismissal

I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong area, please advise and I will post where directed.


I was in a chapter 13 bankruptcy for three years and had it dismissed because the payments were too high for me to continue making. 


I had a Capital One Auto account included in the bankruptcy. Once I stopped paying the monthly 13 payment in October of last year, I continued paying Capital One directly until I paid the account off in January of this year. In Feburary of this year, my 13 case was officially dismissed and all creditors were notified. I received my title about two months after the bankruptcy was oficially dismissed and the account was reported as closed and paid.


While working my credit, I checked my credit report last month and I saw a 35 point drop because Capital One said that I was 30/60/90 days late in November, December and January from 2016 to this year. I was 30/60/90 days late before I filed bankruptcyin 2014 in those same months. This drop came five moths after paying off my account. 


My question is how can Capital One, close my account on my credit report, showing as paid and then a few months later, add comments and change the dates that I was originally late to the last three months I officially had the account open with them and paid off on my own?


Please remember that I had paid this off before my 13 case was dismissed and they were still operating under the federal laws regarding bankruptcy. 


They may very well be within their rights to do this, I'm just asking because I believe that is not the case.


Apologies for my rambling, just a little miffed right now. Thanks in advance for any answers/suggestions.



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Re: Account reporting after bankruptcy dismissal

I'd dispute it for sure. However:


If the CH13 bankruptcy were not in effect, would these payments be considered late? 

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Re: Account reporting after bankruptcy dismissal

If you obtained these lates before filing, then yes, they are reporting correctly. You can send GW letters and hope for the best.

Also, when a BK is dismissed, it will still report on your Credit reports for the appropriate time frame.

I would say you got lucky for them not to report the lates that you got before filing in the first place. Any lates occured before filing a BK can be reported as such, and be correct.

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