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Anticipating next move...

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Anticipating next move...

I filed 11/29/2016, and I am patiently awaiting discharge 3/6/2017.  I have been watching myFico credit report and seeing all the information slowly drop off of my credit report through this 'stay'.  Everything seems to be going well, but I had a couple judgements prior to filing.  One I had to pay in order to refinanace my house.  Walmart credit card actually placed a judgement on my house, if you can believe that.  So, I had to pay it in order to go through a mortgage modification.  The other judgement is another credit card that I did not pay.  I also had several student loans still in deferrment as I am still attending classes that disappeared. 


I have 2 questions:


1.  Will these judgements drop off my credit report too?  And if they don't are they disputible?


2.  Will my student loans that were erased, come back and report as they were before bankruptcy?  I am hoping that they do, because they showed paid as agreed and were my only credit history that was in good standing.  I was hoping these would give me a head start on rebuilding.


Thank you in advance for any experiences.



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