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Any ways to remove civil judgment from court records/credit report?

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Any ways to remove civil judgment from court records/credit report?

Hello all,

I had a bankruptcy in 2005 and have been recovering with my scores in the 660-670 range since then - with all my bills being payed on time, my utilization being low, etc.

I do have a problem, and that is a civil judgment (small claims) that was filed in 2/2007. I payed the judgment directly to the court and am in the process of getting the CRA to report that I've payed it. I'm in the process of trying to get a home loan and I've been told that this is going to hurt my chances - even though this case was totally unrelated to credit issues or my bankruptcy and was just a business deal gone sour. I now realize that I should have just settled this out of court with the guy but my stubbornness at the time led me to actually prefer a judge to get involved. I never thought at the time that it might actually effect my chances on getting a loan a year down the road.

My question is - is there any way to get this taken off my credit report entirely, either through some court action from the original plaintiff or through the credit reporting agency? Does anyone know if a plaintiff can dismiss a judgment after it's been payed/fulfilled? I'm not sure if that's more of a question for a lawyer, but I thought I'd ask it on here anyway.

I can provide more details if anyone needs any. This is the only blemish on my credit report since the BK and it might be a biggie. Please help! Thanks.
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